Moving Forward – Our New Website and Brand Image

When Iron Summit started out last year, I was way behind when it came to web design standards and trends. Since then, after working with some awesome clients to build more websites, we decided that it was time for a change. Over the past few months, we’ve learned a lot about how to do responsive design correctly, we’ve embraced flat UI design, and we have stepped up our content writing quite a bit. We took what we’ve learned and have applied it to our new website design. We’ve broken down some of the changes and thought processes for you here in this post.

A Brand New Website

Our new website is a testament to the fact that we have begun to embrace some popular design trends. Our landing screen features a full page image background with a simple tagline and a menu bar, and a prompt for users to scroll. In terms of a user experience, this isn’t the most fluid option in the world, but it instead allows for a great view and limited options when hitting our home page. The idea is that you can either choose to select an option on our menu bar, or start scrolling. Also, it’s noteworthy to mention here that the image for our homepage is an Easter egg of sorts – let’s see if anyone recognizes those mountains!

After the home screen we get pretty minimalist. Flat design looks clean and controlled, and with our new green color in our logo we were able to choose a refreshing, cool color palette. We integrated our new colors throughout the website, and are pretty happy with the end result. In addition to the style, structure, and colors, we also improved our content to make it seem a bit more personable. On our old website we were so formal that it almost seemed unrealistic and non-trustworthy.

At this point, we invite you to take a look at our new website overhaul. You can visit our home page at

Iron Summit Media Strategies - Orlando Web Design and Digital Marketing

A screenshot of our new website.

The Iron Summit Media Strategies Logo

Our new logo features the same graphic, a different color, and different fonts. Originally, we were using the the Google Web Font Yanone Kaffeesatz. At the time, this seemed like a really good choice because (to us) it wasn’t too recognizable and it had a heavier font weight which worked well for a logo. As time went on however, we realized that this font was up there when it came to popular Google Web Fonts that worked well as headings/logos, just behind Oswald and Lobster. We wanted to stay with Google Web Fonts due to the fact that they are so easy to integrate into websites, and during our search for the perfect font for our logo we stumbled across Voltaire. The sharp edges of this font caught our eye immediately, which worked well with our logo graphic as well as our company name. We brought in the letter spacing a tad, made it all caps, and the end result is a sharper, edgier, and less recognizable variation of our previous logo.

In terms of color, we went over to a sea green from our “corporate blue” because it felt a bit more unique. It’s true that blue is a great color for companies, especially if they want their brand to communicate things like trustworthiness and credibility. Our new green color, however, communicates that we are more artistic than previously before – which is in line with our main goal as a digital marketing agency – to create great art that serves a purpose.

Lastly, the “Media Strategies” text in our logo received a huge improvement. We went from Arial (boring) to a well spaced, all caps variation on Open Sans. Yes it’s a popular web font, but with the customization we added it isn’t that recognizable to the untrained eye.

We put our two logos together below so you can see the improvements!

Orlando Web Design - Iron Summit Media Strategies - Old Logo

Our old logo.

Orlando Web Design - Iron Summit Media Strategies - New Logo

Our New Logo

We are happy with our new branding and design changes, and hope that our customers will enjoy the new user experience that our website has to offer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our new website or about any upcoming projects that you may have in mind.

David Miller is a Managing Partner at Iron Summit Media Strategies, an Orlando web design company.