Iron Summit Donates Website to Saint Paul’s School Auction

As an alumni of Saint Paul’s School in Clearwater, Florida, it was an honor to have an opportunity to donate the services of my company to their annual fundraising auction this past April. Without the Saint Paul’s School technology summer camp, which I attended for a few summers at Saint Paul’s, Iron Summit Media Strategies may never have been established. Technology programs like the ones I participated in at Saint Paul’s are extremely important to us here at Iron Summit because they expose young minds to programming and technology basics, which can build a foundation for future careers and innovation.

Saint Paul's School - Clearwater FloridaIron Summit’s donation, an full-service website design and an entire year of complimentary hosting and maintenance support, was auctioned off during the live auction portion of the event. After a bidding war between two generous parties, Mr. Tim Mariani came in with the highest bid. We would like to thank him personally for his enthusiasm and contribution to the school, and we look forward to working with him and his business.

We hope that our donation will contribute to the school’s outstanding commitment to academic excellence that I was so privileged to be a part of years ago.

David Miller is a Managing Partner at Iron Summit Media Strategies, an Orlando web design company.